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Abbey Bone
Family: Barclay Bone (brother)

Percival Bone (uncle) Norman Bone (father) Emmy Bone (mother)

Fone Bone (first cousin once removed) Unnamed grandfather (deceased)

Species: Bone
Status: Alive
Book Appearance: Quest for the Spark

Quest for the Spark (Book 2)

Additional Information
First appearance: Quest for the Spark

Abbey Bone is the niece of Pervical Bone, the older twin sister of Barclay Bone, and a main character in Bone Legacy.

Early Life[]

Abbey was born to Norman and Emmy Bone, two members of the Boneville Explorers' Society, two minutes and twenty-three seconds before her younger brother Barclay. Abbey was orphaned after her parents vanished while searching for the Valley, leaving her and her brother in the care of their uncle, Percival.

Quest for the Spark[]

Abbey Bone was with Barclay as they flew into the valley. when Tom helped her weith the anchor she was first angry but then happy. Barclay asks roderick why she didn't punch him and Roderick replied "Tom's a nice guy." While Barclay replies "I'm a nice guy, she eats nice guys for breakfast." She was the one who caused thwe ship to fly to Trumble and saving Tom, Percival, and Randolf. In the end she also named the brown rat creature Smelly.

Quest for the Spark (Book 2)[]


Despite being only a few minutes older than her Barclay, Abbey takes every chance she can to rub it in his face, often a brat to her little brother Barclay, whom she derives pleasure from irritating. She is also rather ill-tempered around Barclay, and is very quick to snap before him. However, when around individuals other than her brother (save for Stinky and Smelly), Abbey can be rather sweet and friendly, not to mention considerably more approachable and loyal.

When Tom helped her with the anchor she seemed angry for a minute but then seemed nice. This could be a reference to Thorn and Fone, for she has a crush on Tom.


She appears to be the only main character as a bone to have hair besides Percival. Her hair is curled up with a bow on the back of it and wears a red dress.



Relationships with Other Characters[]