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Atheia was a huge kingdom that claimed ownership of The Valley, before it was invaded and destroyed by Rat Creatures. After their invasion, Atheia was reduced to the captial city of The Valley.

Before the Series[]

Atheia was a huge, prosperous kingdom that was home to the monks of the valley. Atheia was said to live all throughout the fertile plains in The Valley, before it was invaded by the Rat Creatures in the Great war. Kingdok, ruler of the Rat Creatures, forged an alliance with the kingdom of Pawa to invade the Fertile Valley, enraged that he and his kin were banished into the mountains while Atheians lived prosperously in their great cities, and had plenty of delicious food, while his kin's children starved. Lead by Briar Harvastar-a servant of the Lord of the Locusts-the invasion decimated most of the cities, while killing the Royal family, and killing most Veni Yan Cari while destroying most of their settlements. The invasion killed most Atheians, including their entire military, most politicians, merchants, and the Royal Family, excluding their youngest daughter, and the Queen's mother. The invasion quickly destroyed the capitol of Atheia, and the surrounding cities. However, when Briar was injured, and when the survivors ambushed and killed thousands Rat Creatures, the Veni Yan Cari routed the invasion force, sending the Pawans and Rat Creatures back to their homelands, with the help of many dragons. Most survivors of the invasion were killed in these attacks, and the remaining Veni Yan Cari became homeless, forcing them to live in the woods. The Valley was further inhabited by normal humans and all sorts of animals with Atheia gone. Most remaining Atheians inhabited their only remaining city, renaming it Atheia, and made it their capital, it further served as The Valley's capital for decades. Eventually Tarsil, a dissenter of dragons, seized power after building an army of dragon haters, and became the Comander of Atheia.

Vernal Equinox Trilogy[]

The Great Cow Race[]

Atheia was mentioned in the beginning of the second book. Tom stated that he had honey combs from Atheia, and that hardly anything in the Valley compared to it.

Eyes of the Storm[]

Gran'ma Ben explained Atheia's importance during the Old Kingdom and how it fell.