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Balsaad as he makes his only appearance in Rose
Family: Mim
Species: Dragon
Status: Deceased
Book Appearance: Rose
Additional Information
First appearance: Rose
Last appearance: Rose

Balsaad was a mighty river dragon. He turned rogue by joining with the spirit known as the Lord of the Locust. He was killed by Rose after being hacked into pieces.

Bone: Rose[]


When he first appeared, he seemed desperate and scared. Upon being released from the river, he feigned kindness and respect towards Rose. Later he revealed his true colors, and violently attacked Rose at a later date. He showed sadism and belittment, taunting Rose for lifting him from the river and easily joyed her pain without any signs of remorse. Upon the removal of his hand, he showed his cowardice and weakness, pathetically crying over his lost arm. His arrogance and overconfidence in battle, took his life.


Balsaad is seen able to breathe fire and is also able to reattach his limbs.