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Barclay Bone
Barclay Bone
Family: Abbey Bone (sister)
Percival Bone (uncle)
Norman Bone (father)
Emmy Bone (mother)

Fone Bone (first cousin once removed)

Species: Bone
Status: Alive
Book Appearance: Quest for the Spark
Quest for the Spark (Book 2)
Quest for the Spark (Book 3)
Additional Information
First appearance: Quest for the Spark

Barclay Bone is a character that appears in the Quest for the Spark series. He is a Bone, and the younger twin brother of Abbey and nephew of Percival.

Early History[]

Barclay was born in Boneville two minutes and twenty-three seconds after his sister Abbey to Norman and Emmy Bone, two members of the Boneville Explorer's Society. Soon after the Bone cousins returned to Boneville, they told the Society about their adventures in the Valley. Many refused to believe them excepting Barclay's parents and his uncle, Percival. Barclay's parents planned an expedition to the Valley, leaving him and his sister in the care of Percival. Norman and Emmy Bone were never seen or heard from again, presumably lost in the uncharted territories.

Quest for the Spark[]

In Quest for the Spark Barclay was proven to be somewhat smarter then his older twin Abbey. When Tom goes down to Trumble Barclay, Abbey, and Roderick are left in charge of the ship. On the ship Barclay and Abbey get into a fight making the ship move to Trumble. Then Roderick sees the rat creatures and they start pelting patotes at them. Later Barclay names the purple one Stinky.

Quest for the Spark (Book 2)[]


Unlike Abbey, Barclay tends to be nicer. He is simple minded and often asks both smart and idiotic questions. This typically leads to Abby scolding him for asking, as she believes being older by a couple of minutes grants her complete authority over him, and then asking them herself.




Relationships with Other Characters[]