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Barrel haven taberna

The Barrelhaven Tavern is a tavern was formerly owned by Lucius.

Out from Boneville[]

After the Bone cousins found their way in the Valley Smiley was the first to enter the Barrelhaven Tavern, he purchased at least one beer, only to find out the locals don't take dollar bills as currency and only take eggs and other livestock and had to work off his bar tab by working as a bartender. After Phoney had left to go to Barrelhaven on his own after discovering the villagers bet on the cow race practically all they had. After Phoney purchased 5 mugs of the tavern's ale, he discovered just as Smiley did about the currency in Barrelhaven and was given no choice but to be the cook and the washer of dishes.

The Great cow Race[]

While Phoney and Smiley are working off their debts, Phoney is coming up with his greatest scheme to return to Boneville in triumph. The two started by telling all the villagers that Gran'ma Ben, the main racer and center of attention was too old to compete and put phase two:"The mystery cow", a new cow that was supposed to be the winner of the race, but in actuallity it was Smiley in a cow suit. Although all the other villagers voted for the mystery cow Lucius remained unconvinced. Phoney tried to get any last minute votes where Lucius arrives and bets the Barrelhaven tavern for Gran'ma Ben to win. Knowing their scam was compromised he told Smiley he had to win and jumped in his costume to ensure victory. As they began to race the two bones had had fallen into a Rat creatures den and were chased and caused both the rats and cows to crash into each-other, causing only Gran'ma Ben and the Bones in a final chance Gran'ma Ben had passed the Bones and won the race once again.

After discovering the mystery cow was nothing but a fraud they tied Phoney to a stake and threw eggs at him, luckily Lucius, Gran'ma Ben, Thorn and the other bones rescued him and gave all the villagers their livestock back. After saving the bones Lucius doubled Smiley and Phoney's work doing house chores and washing dishes for Lucius at the tavern.