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Bone Creatures are small characters which are common in the Bone world with the Bone cousins, Barclay and Abbey being notable members. This is the species which gives the series its name.

Notable Bone Creatures[]

  • "Big" Johnson Bone looks almost exactly like Fone Bone and Phoney Bone, being their ancestor. He wears a brown coonskin-type cap.

The Cousins[]

  • Fone Bone is short, bald, has a big nose, and is white. He wears no clothes, but he does have a brown knapsack he keeps his and his cousins' things in.
  • Phoney Bone looks almost exactly like Fone Bone, however, he wears a black shirt with a yellow five-point star on it. He is also a little bit shorter than Fone Bone.
  • Smiley Bone is about twice as tall as his other two cousins. He has an even bigger nose, wears a black vest and a purple and green hat with a flower on it. He is also frequently seen smoking a cigar.


Boneville is the town where the Bones reside. It was founded centuries ago by "Big" Johnson Bone. It is mentioned several times in the series, most descriptively by Fone Bone to Gran'ma Ben and Thorn in Out From Boneville. The townsfolk chased Phoney out of town after his failure at becoming mayor.

The Bone creatures appear to be more advanced (in technology and civilization) than any sentient creature in the Bone world. Boneville itself being a modern metropolis. Having access to public education, democratic government, and nuclear power. Despite the rather meager populace to run the town.


Bone Creatures are mostly notified by their hugely exaggerated trademark noses, and their physical resemblance to cartoonish dog bones; which gives them their species name. They are also white, have classical line comic eyes, and have hovering eyebrows that change shape and position according to their emotions. Phoney and Fone Bone are the only ones to be able to have their eyes pop out in a rounded form to express shock or craze, yet while Phoney does this several times in the series, Fone Bone only does it in Smith's Thorn college strip. They are mostly nudists, or at least don't wear pants. They don't appear to have toes and the bottoms of their feet are flat. They have four digits on each hand.