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Breadthingies were the favored snack of Smiley Bone. When stale, they are shown to be an excellent rationing food. It is assumed that Gran'ma Ben first learned to make them, though Smiley was able to make his own hard, stuffed variety.

Phoney Bone expressed a dislike for these snacks, though he forced himself to try some in the end.

Eyes of the Storm[]

Gran'ma Ben made some two-day old breadthingies for Smiley to eat on the way to Barrelhaven, though they were probably lost when Smiley ran the wagon over a waterfall.

The Dragonslayer[]

As a part of Phoney's plan to win a bet against Lucius, Smiley was allowed to serve some hard, stuffed breadthingies, which was instantly a hit with the villagers.

The Crown of Horns[]

When the Bones left Atheia, Smiley brought a sack of them with him. He later replaces Phoney's treasure with it.