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Bone: Coda is a celebratory book released in honor of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Bone. It was released on August 9, 2016 in trade paperback and hardcover. It features one original story, behind the scenes photos, an afterword, and more.


Story: Coda[]

In the desert, the Bone Cousins and Bartleby had just experienced a giant wind pass by. Smiley looks up and noted that the giant shadow looks like a giant vulture, reminding the the others of the other supernatural creatures they encountered. Smiley notices that Fone is sad and tries to cheer him up saying that they can visit Thorn and Gramma Ben soon, however, Fone Bone notes that need to find their way back to Boneville first. Phoney, who isn’t over the loss of the treasure, starts to arguing with the others, causing them to steer into the gorge. The Bone Cousins and Bartleby were able to get the two Oxes and their cart but they noticed that one of the wheels is missing. After noticing it on top of a hill, Fone Bone and Smiley go to retrieve it but the giant shadow appears and starts to fight the Bones over the food. Bartleby scared it off and after putting the wheel back on he uses Smiley’s lasso to capture the giant vulture and help them pull the up. After setting it free Fone Bone recognizes the area they are in and is heading directly back to Boneville.