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Deren Gard is a location on the northwest outskirts of the Valley and the entryway for the dragons. Throughout time Deren Gard served as a stronghold home of the dragons.

Before the Series[]

Deren Gard was the home of the dragons until the Council of Dragons decided to relocate all the dragons to the underground burial ground Tanen Gard. Deren Gard is also where Thorn Harvestar spent most of her childhood under the care of the dragons until her grandmother, Rose Harvestar, took her to live with her in Barrelhaven region.

Out From Boneville[]

Deren Gard is seen for the first time after Fone Bone becomes seperated from his cousins. The first night after he begins to travel alone, Fone Bone stops for the night in Deren Gard and begins to sleep after remarking on its creepiness. Unknown to Fone Bone, the Two Rat Creatures encounter him and attempt to see if he is the one who bears the star, but The Great Red Dragon scared them off.

The Dragonslayer[]

When Phoney Bone decides to take the villagers with him to slay the dragon, Phoney chooses Deren Gard as the place to lay the "trap". He actually plans to steal the treasure used as "bait" and sneak away to Boneville. However, Ted distracts him, and the Great Red Dragon is able to get "caught" in the very obvious trap. Phoney Bone had not planned for this, and he cannot bring up the courage to slay him. Ted talks loudly to Phoney and pretends that he made a mistake in telling the Dragon to come, and simply misunderstood Phoney's plan.

Meanwhile, the villagers are able to hear what is going on. They realize that Phoney had never planned to kill a dragon in the first place, and begin to move angrily to the dragon so they can kill him themselves. At that moment, Rat Creatures arrive with the intention of killing the tied up dragon. Thorn, who had just come, defends the dragon long enough for the Veni-Yan monks who had secretly been following her to drive the Rat Creatures off. The Dragon is freed and leaves the scene. The elevation of Deren Gard provides a terribly clear view of Barrelhaven being burned.