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—Fone Bone on multiple occasions.

Fone Bone
Fone Bone
Family: Phoney Bone (cousin)

Smiley Bone (cousin)
Unnamed father (deceased)
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Big Johnson Bone (ancestor)
Jebidiah Bone (ancestor)
Percival Bone (cousin)
Norman Bone (cousin)
Emmy Bone (cousin-in-law)
Abbey Bone (first cousin once removed)
Barclay Bone (first cousin once removed)

Species: Bone
Status: Alive
Book Appearance: Out From Boneville
The Great Cow Race
Eyes of the Storm
The Dragonslayer
Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Border
Old Man's Cave
Ghost Circles
Treasure Hunters
Crown of Horns

Stupid, Stupid Rat-Tails: The Adventures of Big Johnson Bone, Frontier Hero/Tall Tales
Quest for the Spark (mentioned only)
Bone Adventures
Bone: More Tall Tales

Game Appearance: Bone: Out From Boneville

Bone: The Great Cow Race

Additional Information
First appearance: Out From Boneville
Last appearance: Coda
Voiced by(in the game): David Nowlin

Fone Bone is very polite, brave, friendly and always aware of what is happening. He is not like his cousins, he worries a lot and whenever they are in trouble he solves it. His plans always turn out very well, not like his cousins'.


On edge with Phoney for opposing personalities, Fone Bone is polite, selfless, modest, intelligent, diligent, helpful, optimistic, and a tad naive at times. However, he is the most valiant of his cousins, having willingly entered Tanen Gard in Crown of Horns just to rescue Thorn, knowing that the penalty for doing so was death, and challenging the authority of powerful beings like Kingdok and Roque Ja in Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Border. Despite this, he is still to a degree defenseless, developing a reliance on The Great Red Dragon (whose name he will yell out if in danger) early on in the series. He is also honest and does not like taking things from under others' noses, a trait that causes him to clash with Phoney almost all the time. Their antagonistic relationship has gotten to the point where Fone Bone has accepted that Phoney will never change. Regardless, he cares very much for his cousins, putting them before himself and showing distress when either of them are in danger.

Fone Bone seems to hold literature very dear to him, his favorite form of it being Moby Dick. However, he has always found it difficult to explain it to others due to them quickly losing interest and, in certain cases, falling asleep.



Fone Bone is shorter than Smiley Bone, but identical in height to Phoney. He is strong for his size as shown in The Great Cow Race, though this strength never seems to be shown again later on in the series. He does not wear clothes, though is often seen carrying a knapsack which holds various items.

Like all Bone creatures, Fone Bone has eyebrows that can change shape based on his emotions and the angle at which they are viewed.

Before the Series[]

Fone Bone is the cousin of Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone. His parents died when he was very young, leaving him with the only family he had left: his cousins. Phoney was the oldest and took care of both him and Smiley. After Phoney Bone became incredibly wealthy, Fone Bone was often helping his cousin get out of bad situations that resulted from shady business deals. After an incident at Phoney's announcement to run for office, Fone Bone helped him sneak out of Boneville, bringing along Smiley "to torture him".

Bone Adventures[]


Out From Boneville[]

After two weeks in an uncharted desert, they are suffering from supply shortages and are hopelessly lost.

They get attacked by a swarm of locusts causing Fone Bone to wind up even farther away when he notices that he can't find Phoney- separated from his cousins and ended up saying "Phoney, help me."

He is able to navigate into a nearby mountain range with the help of a map Smiley found. Over night, he is attacked by the Two Rat Creatures, who were looking for Phoney. They realize it is not him and plan to eat him, but are scared away by the Great Red Dragon. The next morning, he manages to get into the Valley. There he meets a bug named Ted who tells him (after he thinks that when Fone Bone calls him a leaf was not an insult) to find someone named Thorn who he says can help him return home. Fone Bone gets separated from Ted due to the same Rat Creatures who tried to kill him the night before. He escapes, but ends up trapped in the Valley due to the winter.

A few months later, he is able to make himself a home for himself, befriending a family of possums. After playing with the possum children whom he was babysitting, he is intercepted by the two Rat Creatures. He manages to stall for the kids and runs for his life. The Rat Creatures eventually catch up to him, but he is again saved by The Great Red Dragon. When asked why he didn't kill the Rat Creatures, the dragon breathes fire at Fone Bone, tells him to "never use an ace when a two will do," and walks away. He meets the possum kids again, who are back with their mom and Miz Hedgehog. None of them believe Fone Bone, stating dragons do not exist. He storms off angrily back to his home.

On his way home, he notices a girl at a hot spring, whom he instantly devolops feelings for. He is overjoyed to find it is the Thorn he is looking but unfortunately she has never heard of Boneville. However, she offers to help by letting him stay with her at her Gran'ma's Farm. After arriving at their grandmother's house, Fone Bone shows her his knapsack, which contains his Moby Dick book, a few comic books, and the Map, of which Thorn has a strange recollection.

Soon after, Fone Bone is reunited with Phoney, and meets Gran'ma Ben. Phoney almost instantly creates trouble at the farm, refusing to do chores and making messes. Soon after, Phoney runs off to Barrelhaven, and the farm is attacked by Rat Creatures the same night. Thorn and Fone Bone run off into the forest to escape the attack while Gran'ma Ben defends the barn. The two are eventually surrounded by the Rat Creatures, who want Fone Bone. However, they are again saved by the Great Red Dragon, with Ted tagging along. Hurrying back to the farm, they Gran'ma Ben unharmed. They then leave for Barrelhaven, with Fone Bone explaining how Phoney was kicked out of Boneville.

At the end, Fone Bone is reunited with Smiley, who is now working for Lucius Down. He also meets up with Phoney, but begins angrily shaking his head around/strangling him instead of hugging him.

The Great Cow Race[]

Thorn and Fone Bone are enjoying the Spring Fair. However, they split up after Fone Bone gets into a heated argument with a honey seller named Tom, who flirts with Thorn and insults Fone Bone's appearance. A hurt and furious Fone Bone storms off into the forest. Finding a beehive, he immediately attempts to get a honeycomb for Thorn, which he manages to get her a large honeycomb, after being repeatedly stung by a giant bee, but finds her talking to Tom, to Fone Bone's sadness.

A disappointed Fone Bone walks back into Barrelhaven, where he finds Phoney running a gambling station. Fone Bone immediately investigates Phoney's objectives, and Smiley soon blows Phoney's cover by showing Fone Bone the Mystery Cow suit. Fone Bone is irritated, but lets Phoney keep his secret as long as he comes clean in Boneville. That night, Thorn reveals to him that she drew the mysterious map. Fone Bone promises not to tell anyone, but stays awake.

The next morning, Thorn walks off to meet Tom, and a sad Fone Bone walks off. He eventually finds a nice quiet place, where Ted meets him. Ted convinces him to write love poems for Thorn, and Fone Bone begins. Unfortunately, the Two Rat Creatures attack him and he runs for his life. After a while, he meets Phoney and Smiley and helps interrupt the Cow Race. Fone Bone heads back to Gran'mas Ben farm with the rest of the group after Phoney gets his taste of karma and makes one love poem for Thorn before falling asleep.

Eyes of the Storm[]

Fone Bone shows concern when Thorn is worried about her highly intense dreams. He has a dream of his own in a Moby Dick situation, where he is Ishmael and Phoney Bone being Captain Ahab. Fone Bone is thrown overboard and sees the head of The Great Red Dragon in the waves before waking up. The next day, Fone Bone and Thorn talk about their dreams and tells the Red Dragon about the dream, and learns that he entered his dream on purpose. The following morning, Lucius takes Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone back to Barrelhaven to finish working off their debts. Fone Bone decides to stay with Thorn and Gran'ma Ben on the farm.

During a storm, Fone Bone and Thorn head to the barn, where they discuss their dreams and why Gran'ma Ben has been lying to Thorn about it. To their surprise, they find Gran'ma Ben listening to their conversation. Gran'ma Ben storms off into the woods, with Fone Bone and Thorn following her. Gran'ma Ben begins to blame Fone Bone for everything that has happened. A large group of Rat Creatures attack them. After Fone Bone calls out to the Dragon for help, the Rat Creatures are chased away. However, Gran'ma Ben seems angry with the Dragon. "You think he'll be there whenever you need him," she warns, "but he won't. He wasn't always there for me." Fone Bone, Thorn and Gran'ma Ben return to the farm after the storm subsides.

The next day, Gran'ma Ben apologizes to Fone Bone for what she said, and then stated that there were problems before he came to the valley. Thorn tells Fone Bone to show Gran'ma Ben but Fone Bone takes out one of his love poems for Thorn. To his embarrassment Fone takes the poem back and gives her the map. Fone Bone tells her about the swarm of locusts that separated him from his cousins, a detail she finds particularly disconcerting - she explains that if the Locusts has returned, a war is unavoidable. She reveals that Thorn's parents were in fact the monarchs of the realm throughout the generation-long war with the Rat Creatures, and Thorn herself has been the crown princess during the period of uneasy peace since then. She was moved from the palace during the "Nights of Lightning", a series of vicious surprise attacks by the Rat Creatures, and taken to Deren Gard and safety with the Dragons. En route the escort party was betrayed by the nursemaid and the King and Queen of Atheia, Thorn's parents, were murdered. Thorn becomes infuriated with Gran'ma Ben about these secrets. Later, Ted the Bug arrives with news that forces Fone Bone, Gran'ma Ben and Thorn to leave the farm immediately. Before they go, Fone Bone is given a package to put in his knapsack, and Gran'ma Ben gets her old sword. The three set off to Barrelhaven.

The Dragonslayer[]

Fone Bone has been hiking in the woods with Thorn and Gran'ma Ben for days, avoiding being in the wide open in case they get spotted. Unfortunately, they are attacked by the Two Rat Creatures. Gran'ma Ben successfully fights them off and makes them spill out information until they are attacked by Kingdok. Fone Bone is thrown by Kingdok and separated from his friends. When the villagers investigate after hearing his cries, all they find is his blood. Fone Bone is able to find Thorn and Gran'ma Ben again, and listen to Gran'ma Ben with Thorn. After Thorn, upset and angry at Gran'ma Ben for holding back the truth, runs off. Fone Bone follows, but reluctantly takes Gran'ma Ben's sword and a message for Lucius, giving her one cold look before leaving. Fone Bone and Thorn make it to the village, but learn much to their shock that Phoney is the new boss. Fone Bone goes with them to dinner and finds out Phoney's motives.

Fone Bone shocks his cousins by telling them he is refusing to return to Boneville and walks out on them after being fed up with Phoney's greed, knowing what will happen. Once outside, Fone Bone encounters a rat creature cub, who takes an instant liking to him. Fone Bone turns to Thorn, but she threatens to kill the rat creature cub. Later, Fone Bone turns to Smiley Bone for help with the rat creature cub. Smiley Bone instantly becomes friends with cub. Fone Bone and Smiley Bone then meet with Lucius Down, and Fone Bone reveals everything to them, including the fact that Thorn is a princess. Fone Bone, Smiley Bone and Lucius then go to see Thorn, who is still upset with the news. The next day, Fone Bone and Smiley Bone try to decide what to do about the cub. Thorn then apologizes to Fone Bone about threatening to kill the cub. Fone Bone tries to get her to help him and Smiley sneak the cub out of Barrelhaven. After realizing she wasn't going with them, Fone Bone takes off for the Eastern Mountains with Smiley and the cub.

Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Border[]

Fone Bone and Smiley Bone travel into the Eastern Mountains to set free the baby Rat Creature, who Smiley names Bartleby, and are suddenly attacked by the two Stupid Rat Creatures. During an effort to ditch the two, they encounter the giant mountain lion Roque Ja. Roque Ja recognizes the Bones, knowing that the Hooded One is searching for one of them. He explains the Hooded One fears “the one who bears the star” (meaning Phoney Bone) will rise as a new leader and unite the valley against him. However, Roque Ja remains taciturn about whose side he is on. Roque Ja escorts Smiley, Fone, and Bartleby higher into the mountains, against their wills.

The possum kids, who have been searching for them since they disappeared from the Barrelhaven compound days earlier, discover them in the company of Roque Ja and grow concerned for their safety. Knowing Roque Ja hates interlopers in his mountains, the possum kids and their new raccoon friend Roderick lure the two stupid Rat Creatures to Roque Ja, causing them to fall off a cliff and giving the Bones and Bartleby a chance to escape, however Roderick refuses to leave until he calls out for all of his other orphaned friends. Meanwhile Roque Ja climbs back up the mountain and he is infuriated. They flee the enraged Roque Ja and escape into a tunnel in the mountainside, after a debate with the orphans, they make it to the other side where they discover a magnificent abandoned temple to the Rat Creatures, and Fone Bone wonders about Roque Ja's tale about Mim being turned to stone, remembering what Lucius had said about the Lord of the Locusts. As the Bones try to make their way back towards the valley, they encounter the two stupid Rat Creatures, but before they can give chase, Kingdok appears. He is angry at the two stupid Rat Creatures for deserting him, and attacks them and the Bones, forcing everybody onto a very narrow ledge. Trapped on a narrow ledge with the ferocious Kingdok ahead of them, the Bones and the Rat Creatures declare a truce and work together to edge their way to safety along a precarious cliff face after deciding to die rather than sell out their friends.

However, on the way they are attacked by a swarm of locusts. Fone Bone stumbles and falls onto a lower ledge. The locusts try to carry him away, but the medallion given to him by Gran'ma Ben falls from his backpack and scares the locusts away. As the locusts flee, Kingdok vanishes into thin air, having been an illusion generated by the locusts' magic. Fone Bone and Smiley Bone soon discover that the package that Gran'ma Ben handed him, was actually a crown (belonging to Thorn). After listening to the orphans discuss the illusion, the Bones realize the locusts could manipulate Thorn or even the whole valley with illusions, as they press on down the mountainside with a suspicious Roque Ja watching. The Rat Creatures, the Bones and their friends make their way down from the mountains, unaware they are being followed and eavesdropped upon by Roque Ja.

As they descend, the Rat Creatures reveal that the current unrest has only started from the arrival of The Hooded One, bringing with him the locusts and the strange dreams. At that moment, Roque Ja reveals himself to the party and orders them back up the mountain. Before they can go too far, the real Kingdok arrives with an army of Rat Creatures and scares away Roque Ja. The Bones use the opportunity to escape (minus the two stupid rat creatures because they tried to hand Fone and Smiley at the last moment and they got bitten by the orphans), fleeing from the scuffle and running down the mountain while Roque Ja gets revenge on Kingdok and seriously wounds him. Roderick, the possum kids, and the orphans split up and leave. Bartleby rejoins the pack and the Rat Creatures carry the unconscious Kingdok away. Fone Bone and Smiley Bone then begin their journey back into the valley, although Smiley is sad to see Bartleby leave.

Old Man's Cave[]

Fone Bone and Smiley Bone have returned to the valley, but are lost. Ted finds them and informs them of the war and that a rumor has spread that Fone Bone killed Kingdok. Ted leads Fone Bone and Smiley Bone into the valley. On the way, the three are ambushed by three Rat Creatures, but Thorn finds them and fights the Rat Creatures off. The Rat Creatures are terrified to discover that she and the Bones were the ones who wounded Kingdok, once they see that they have Kingdok's war club. Thorn, Fone Bone, Smiley Bone, and Ted the Bug lie low for a few days while planning an attack on The Hooded One. Thorn explains how she believes The Hooded One plans to use her and Phoney Bone to speed the release of the Lord of the Locusts from where it lies trapped in the stone of the mountains. She also explains her mistrust of Gran'ma Ben - Thorn believes the tale of how her parents were betrayed by the nursemaid is a lie; she never had a nursemaid.

The next day, Thorn returns to the farmhouse to collect her belongings. She plans to take on The Hooded One alone, after a conversation with Fone Bone and Smiley Bone - during which they revealed that the three Bone cousins are orphans, and Phoney Bone, as the oldest, raised the other two - she is convinced to trust Gran'ma Ben, and the three set off for Old Man's Cave. On the way to Old Man's Cave, Fone Bone, Thorn, and Smiley Bone run into Phoney Bone. Phoney Bone tells them that the Cave is completely surrounded by Rat Creatures and that Lucius Down and Gran'ma Ben were being attacked by a giant mountain lion. Thorn goes after the lion, Fone Bone and Smiley Bone soon realize that it's Roque Ja. He knocks out Thorn, which infuriates Fone Bone. Fone Bone tries to attack Roque Ja, but Roque Ja hits Fone Bone and sends him over a cliff, knocking him unconscious. While unconscious, Roque Ja takes Phoney Bone and Thorn to the Eastern Mountains, and Fone Bone sees the Great Red Dragon in his dreams, who tells him that he cannot help him since all the dragons have to remain underground. The Dragon shows Fone Bone a medallion and tells him to save Thorn. Fone Bone regains consciousness and sets off for the Eastern Mountains with Smiley Bone.

Some time later, at the ancient temple high in the mountains, The Hooded One prepares to sacrifice Phoney to the Lord of the Locusts. Phoney insists it must be a case of mistaken identity, but Briar reveals what led her to believe he was a person of great power; a huge inflatable likeness of Phoney, a runaway balloon from his disastrous election campaign back in Boneville, has drifted into the valley. Fone Bone and Smiley Bone thought that they deflated the balloon back in Boneville. With its fierce expression and the banner reading “Phoncible P. Bone will get you” (the end torn off; intact it read “...will get your vote”, Phoney explains), Briar took it as an omen that he would be the Veni-Yan-Cari, the Awakened One. Gran'ma Ben arrives on the scene and confirms Briar's mistake. The locusts that supported Briar's shriveled body leave her, a punishment by the Lord of the Locusts for her mistake. The locusts swarm on and try to enter Thorn, but Fone Bone drives them away with the royal medallion (that was still in his backpack since his second trek in the mountains). Awake again, Thorn leads the others to safety away from the collapsing mountain temple, drawing her cloak around her head like a Veni-Yan warrior.

Ghost Circles[]

Fone Bone and his cousins along with Thorn and Gran'ma Ben are still on the collapsing Eastern Mountains and are being attacked by Kingdok. Fone Bone finds the secret tunnel that he and Smiley Bone used in Rock Jaw. They find the entrance to the tunnel and run for protection. Kingdok starts tearing apart the entrance with his jaws while Gran'ma Ben holds him off from the inside. When Gran'ma Ben lets go they immediately run down to the bottom of the tunnel. Similar to how they hallucinated in Rock Jaw, Fone Bone and Phoney find themselves dressed like characters from Moby Dick, much to Phoney's horror.

The group gets out of the tunnel to find the Valley a giant wasteland due to the influence of the Ghost Circles. While searching for a place to camp, Phoney and Fone Bone argue about Fone Bone holding them back from returning to Boneville, and Fone Bone is forced into promising to return to Boneville when Phoney wants. Thorn attempts to use the piece of the locust inside her to see if she can find Lucius, but the ghost circles almost overwhelm her until Fone Bone comes to help. Much to their shock, when Fone Bone touches her, they see what the ghost circle has consumed, fortunately not Lucius. They continue to walk on and search for camp.

After finding a source of clean water, the group camps for the night. Smiley and Fone Bone discuss about Phoney had said earlier, and Fone Bone denies that he believes in the religion of the Valley People. They go to sleep, but Fone Bone dreams about Moby Dick. Fone Bone falls into the mouth of the Great Red Dragon underwater, and wakes up no longer under the influence of the spell from earlier. The bones discuss with Thorn about Briar's motives and what Ghost Circles really are, but Gran'ma Ben informs them that there are Rat Creatures nearby.

The group splits up, and Fone Bone goes with Thorn. After being chased to a cliff edge, they are confronted by a ressurected Briar, who smashes the edge and attempts to take Thorn for the ritual. Fone Bone interfenes and dares Briar to fight him until she reveals that he has a piece of the Locust inside him as well. Seeing that Fone Bone would be a weaker partner for the ritual, Briar attempts to kill Thorn, but Smiley interferes with the help of an older Bartleby, and the group runs from the army of Rat Creatues while Briar looks on. As the Rat Creatures disappear into the Ghost Circles, the group slows down, knowing that they no longer need to run and stop for a while. When Gran'ma Ben states that everyone but the Bones, herself, Thorn, and Briar is dead, Fone Bone says that they should keep moving and asks Thorn to guide him, his cousins, and the rest of the group.

As they continue traveling South, Smiley notes that the landscape seems more flat, and Fone Bone agrees. Thorn orders them to stop, stating that they had met a whole new system of Ghost Circles. Fone Bone and Phoney Bone sit down, and Phoney says that they will all be on "Easy Street" once they get to Atheia. Fone Bone assumes that Phoney is up to another get-rich scheme, and the two start arguing about whose fault the war is and who the Rat Creatures really want. They're argument is interrupted by Smiley Bone, who touches his cousins with a static charge he unintentionally used on Bartleby. Gran'ma Ben states that there is another way around the Ghost Circles, but it will take longer. The group continues moving.

After a while, Bartleby informs Fone Bone that his cousin Smiley has collapsed due to hunger. He learns that Smiley let Bartleby eat his rations. Fone Bone and Thorn enter a Ghost Circle that has an abundant supply of farms. They both collect the food and Smiley Bone recuperates. When they approach Tanen Gard, Thorn grows sick, possibly because of where they are, and Fone Bone and Gran'ma Ben carry Thorn while trespassing on Tanen Gard along with Phoney, Smiley, and Bartleby. When Fone Bone nearly falls into what is believed to be Tanen Gard's bottomless pit, Thorn surprisingly gets healed, rescues Fone Bone, and completes the journey through Tanen Gard.

As group does some climbing, Gran'ma Ben encounters some Dragon shrines and uses Prayer Stones on them. She explains them to the Bones and Thorn, and the group continues their journey to Atheia.

Treasure Hunters[]

About two days after the events of the end of Ghost Circles, Fone Bone gets smuggled in to Atheia along with Phoney, Smiley, Bartleby, Thorn, and Gran'ma Ben. They then arrange a meeting with the high-level dreamers.

When Phoney wants to see what the people in Atheia use for currency, a guard notices them and was tipped off by Tarsil, the king of Atheia. Fone Bone later tells the dreamers that they've been caught, and they split up. Later, Fone Bone and Thorn are captured by Tarsil and harshly beaten up by his soldiers and get imprisoned in a dungeon.

Crown of Horns[]

Fone Bone awakens Thorn from one of her dreams and explains to her that the soldiers beat them up and tossed him in a dungeon. After Thorn is awake, Fone Bone finds out Phoney and Smiley Bone are in the cell right next to theirs and Phoney begins to yell to Fone Bone "Help! You gotta save me!" Then Taneal and her brother show up and break Phoney and Smiley out of their cell, and Smiley tries to break them out too with a mallet. Taneal tells Thorn that Gran'ma Ben was overwhelmed by the enemy, and Thorn gets angry, somehow getting strong enough to break her and Fone Bone out of their cell. They get to the fighting and the enemy is scared by a vision Mermie conjures up. Thorn finds out that ghost circles are coming down around the city. Thorn explains that there are four gaps and they can get past the enemy through them. When Thorn says that Roque Ja is beyond the ghost circles, Fone Bone is upset that he is part of this. Phoney tells Fone Bone to meet him and Smiley at the front gates but Fone Bone refuses.

Later, when the Bones, Bartleby and Thorn climb up a ladder by the gates, Fone Bone gets mad at Phoney because of the treasure and says he can't keep his promise of leaving whenever Phoney wants to. After Thorn jumps straight into the burning city, Fone Bone gets on Bartleby's back, they jump down, and start looking for her. They see a group of rat creatures chase her into a ghost circle and the rats retreat. They follow them and get through the enemy camp, and Thorn flies out of a ghost circle into them. They sneak past Roque Ja who wakes up but lets them through, and Thorn literally flies over the enemy army into Tanen Gard. Fone Bone and Bartleby get chased into Tanen Gard and Bartleby stays at the border because he is too scared. Fone Bone goes into Tanen Gard and starts looking for Thorn again. He sees her but gets trapped in a huge stone bowl of water. When the water level rises he climbs out but sees rats ahead of him, so he jumps down onto a bridge. He catches up and finds Thorn trapped by Kingdok's dead body, an inch away from the Crown of Horns. He touches it instead of her, but nothing happens because Thorn took the locust out of him. They see rats at the other end of the room and the rats start chasing them. Fone Bone grabs Thorn's hand and touches the Crown of Horns again. It works and Thorn and Fone Bone are given the choice of life or death. They both choose life and wake up. Fone Bone frees Thorn from Kingdok's jaw and they ride the back of the Great Red Dragon, who shows up, telling them the other dragons are very angry. They are chased by them up to Sinner's Rock and watch as the other dragons drive the possessed Mim into the earth. Right then, Phoney shows up with reinforcements but has "missed the war".

At Thorn's coronation as queen of the valley, Fone Bone still can't make a decision as to stay or go to Boneville. He, the other Bones, Gran'ma Ben, Thorn, and Bartleby go back to Barrelhaven and end up staying all winter, because of the snow. On the winter solstice, Fone Bone goes out into the woods and call for the two stupid rat creatures. When they threaten him with "instant, bloody death", he offers them piping hot quiche, which they take. In the spring, they go to the edge of the desert, when Fone Bone says he wants to go back to Boneville. When Phoney finds out the treasure has been replaced by bread thingies, Fone Bone says to give Smiley a gold coin in exchange for one, exclaiming, "We're out in the middle of the' desert."

After Thorn was crowned as Queen of Atheia, Fone Bone (along with his two cousins) was knighted by her majesty Queen Thorn. This is revealed by Euclid, who refers to him as "Master Bone." Master is assumed to be a higher title than "Sir." (which was appointed to Phoney Bone and Smiley Bone)

When Fone Bone left the Valley, a statue was built in his honor. The statue features Fone Bone and Bartleby, for their assistance to Queen Thorn in locating and using the Crown of Horns.

Bone: Legacy[]

Quest for the Spark[]

Fone Bone and his cousins do not appear in this book but are mentioned. The cousins and Bartleby have been confirmed to have returned to Boneville alive. There they are treated like celebrities, although they are unable to convince the Adventurer's Society of the Valley's existence, this includes his other cousin Percival Bone, until the latter visited it himself.

Bone CODA and More Tall Tales[]

In this short comic, Fone Bone; along with Bartleby, Phoney, and Smiley Bone; still cross the desert and gotten lost. Smiley comforted Fone Bone for his love for Thorn, and as Smiley suggested that the Bone Cousins and Bartleby will come back and see The Valley again, Fone Bone told him they would first find a way across the desert before making plans to visit The Valley.


Thorn Harvester[]

When Fone Bone first meets Thorn he immediately is infatuated with her. He and Thorn are the best of friends. Everyone is well aware of Fone Bone's crush on her except Thorn herself.

Rose Harvestar[]

Out of all the Bones, Rose, or Gran'ma Ben, is most pleasant with Fone Bone. As it's very clear they both respect eachother dearly.

Lucius Down[]

Not much is known about their interactions other than that Lucius finds Fone Bone to be mature and responsible. Fone Bone and Lucius both dislike Phoney and his schemes, and Fone Bone doesn’t seem to mind Lucius punishing Phoney. When Lucius is killed, Fone Bone is shown mourning at his burial.

Phoney Bone[]

Phoney and Fone Bone are known for arguing and bickering almost all the time they spend together, due to Phoney being blinded by greed and the prospect of becoming rich getting on Fone Bone's nerves.

Smiley Bone[]

Fone gets along with him better than Phoney, however, Smiley can annoy Fone Bone at times.


Fone has a good realationship with Bartleby, proven when Bartleby ran away and crushed Fone against a tree



  • Has a crush on Thorn which everyone except Thorn is aware of.
  • Loves the book Moby Dick which puts everybody to sleep but this may only be when Fone Bone reads it (as revealed by the Rat Creatures when he read it to them to put them asleep, they commented on his voice).
  • He had a bit of locust in him, before Thorn took it, likely to protect him as she intended to run off to find the Crown of Horns on her own, but her plan quickly changed as Bone and Bartleby chased her.
  • He and Smiley Bone are the only characters to appear in all 9 books of the main series. (Thorn, Grandma Ben, Phoney, Ted, Dragon, and The Lord of The Locusts are absent in Book 5, but appear in the other 8 books).
  • Fone has appeared in the following non-Bone comics: The normalman/Megaton Man Special (cover only), Shi/ Cyblade: The Battle for Independents, Gen 13 Vol. 2 #13B, and Savage Dragon #41.