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Gran'ma Ben's Farm
Gran'ma Ben's Farm
The Valley(in the north)
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Bone: Out From Boneville Bone: The Great Cow Race
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Gran'ma Ben's Farm is where Gran'ma Ben and Thorn lived at in the beginning of the Bone series. It is a small farm in the woods. It has a farmhouse, a barn and other areas. It has cows and chickens. The Bones stayed there at 1-3 books of the Bone series. In the third book Gran'ma received word that "down south has changed" causing her to evacuate. Thorn, Fone Bone and Smiley Bone returned in Old Man's Cave briefly because Thorn didn't trust going to Old Man's Cave because of her fight with Gran'ma Ben. After the events of the crown of horns journey Thorn and Gran'ma Ben had visited the farm house one last before Thorn assumed her role as Queen of the Valley.