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Thorn HarvestarBen

Thorn, the youngest Harvestar

The Harvestars are the Royal Family of Atheia and the rulers of the Valley.


The Royal House of Harvestar is descended from Ven Harvestar, the first of the human residents of the Valley to be trained in the Dreaming Arts by the Dragons, and she was trained for the longest. She was very wise and that was why the Dragons chose to make her the first human Queen of the Valley.

Height of Power[]

Ven and her followers established a capital at Atheia, and Ven also established the Veni-Yan Order. The influence of the Kingdom spread northwards and eventually the Kingdom prospered.

The Rat Creatures were expelled from the Valley into the Eastern Mountains.

Decline and present influence[]

Slowly after hundreds of years, the Dragons began to retire into their stronghold in Deren Gard, the Royal House of Harvestar's power began to decline, as people had begun to forget the Dragons and their teachings, though they still held considerable power within the Valley. During the Second Great War, the Royal House of Harvestar was almost annihilated as Lunaria Harvestar, her husband, Thorn's Father and Briar Harvestar had died, only Rose and Thorn survived, and at that time the Royal House of Harvestar had lost all its power. After the Locust had been defeated, Thorn became Queen of the Valley.


a heraldic shield is shown with the Harvestar seal on it; sitting atop it is Ven Harvestar holding a garb of wheat and a handmirror with an eight-pointed star on it

symbol of the Harvestars

The symbol of the Harvestars is the mountains of The Valley surrounding a crown, with a star and crescent (points facing down) above. The motto of the Royal House of Harvestar is Dreaming of Harvestar or just Dream for short.

Notable Members[]