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Jonathan Oaks
Jonathan as seen in Old Man's Cave
Family: Unknown
Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Book Appearance: The Great Cow Race

Eyes of the Storm

The Dragonslayer

Old Man's Cave

Ghost Circles(Prologue)

Game Appearance: Bone: The Great Cow Race

Additional Information
First appearance: The Great Cow Race
Last appearance: Ghost Circles(Prologue)
Voiced by(in the game): Rudy Butterfield

Jonathan Oaks was a villager and character in the Bone series up until the beginning of Harvest.

Jonathan treats Lucius like a hero, and knows he is one. Jonathan at first is like the other villagers on the topic of Phoney Bone; he thought he was a scoundrel out to make a quick buck. But in the fourth novel, The Dragonslayer, Jonathan would willingly believe anything Phoney said.

Jonathan also makes a small living at Lucius' tavern.

This young man meets his end quite early however. He is apparently severely injured by rat creatures, and dies later on in Ghost Circles.

Out From Boneville.[]

Jonathan is briefly seen by a roadblock Lucius ordered him to watch. He helps Gran'ma BenThorn, and Fone Bone get through the block. 

The Great Cow Race[]

Eyes of the Storm[]

The Dragonslayer[]

Thorn and Fone Bone encounter Jonathan at a wall that Phoney Bone put up as part of his dragon slaying scheme. Jon tells them that the new "Boss" had them put it up, and there were strict orders that no strangers were aloud in the gate. This angers Fone bone, but Thorn hushes him and asks jon who the new boss is. Jon points to Phoney Bone. Fone Bone and Thorn are clearly shocked.

Old Man's Cave[]

Jonathan is at Old Man's Cave with Phoney bone who had gotten a fever in a downpour. When Phoney asks where he is Jon exclaims hes at Old Man's Cave. Phoney groans at him to stop shouting and states he feels like he's been sleeping on a rock for a week. Jon tells him he has and he was delirious. Phoney asks once more where he is, then tells him again where he is, adding that it's just like the old days, back when old man's cave was the mystical stronghold of the Veni-Yan warriors. When Phoney says he thought the villagers didn't like these warriors, Jon explains they didn't know there were royal guardians.Gran'ma Ben walks up. Phoney begs Jon that Gran'ma ben isn't the queen of the valley, when Jon apologetically says she's the queen. Soon, Jonathan, the towns people, and Lucious are ambushed by rat creatures as Briar distracted Lucious with the appearance of her former self from the raid. Jonathan, and many other men are attacked, injured, or killed in the forest.

Ghost Circles (Prologue)[]

Jonathan was laying down from his injuries in a sickly state when Ted the Bug comes to talk to him. Jonathan expresses his worries about Lucius being a traitor, since he saw him in the Hooded One's arms, just watching the battle while the soldiers were ambushed. Ted reassures him that Lucius would never betray them and goes off to find help. A look of peace passes over Jonathan's face as he dies, knowing Lucius was a hero.



Jonathan was one of the few characters to go barefoot. He had a large nose and an overbite. Sometimes, he could be seen in his small, green hat with a feather on it. He had caramel colored hair.