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The Lord of the Locusts
Lord of the Locust Eyes
None (he has no physical form)
Family: None
Species: Spirit
Status: Deceased
Book Appearance: Eyes of the Storm

The Dragonslayer

Old Man's Cave

Ghost Circles

Treasure Hunters

Crown of Horns

Quest for the Spark (mentioned-only)

Additional Information
First appearance: Out From Boneville (mentioned-only)

Eyes of the Storm (first true appearance)

Last appearance: Crown of Horns

The Lord of the Locusts (mostly refered to as simply The Locust) is a nightmare creature without physical shape or form and is the overarching antagonist of the original series.

Before the Series[]

Long ago, The Locust became tired of being a spirit without physical form and desired to become part of the physical world. However, in order to do this, he would need to possess the body of a mortal. He eventually chose Mim, the queen of the dragons and the most powerful mortal creature. Under the influence of the Locust, Mim lost her sanity and went on a rampage, prompting the dragons to reluctantly rebel against their queen. In the ensuing battle that claimed the lives of many of their kind, the dragons found no way to free Mim from the Locust, and were forced to turn her into stone and entomb her beneath the earth, trapping the Locust in her. The land in which the battle had took place, would come to be known as the Valley.

Bone: Rose[]

Nights of Lightning[]

Vernal Equinox[]

Out From Boneville[]

The Lord of the Locusts used his powers to create a swarm of locusts which caused the Bone cousins to separate, although they didn't realize he had caused it until much later.

Eyes of the Storm[]


The Dragonslayer[]

Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Border[]

Old Man's Cave[]


Ghost Circles[]

Crown of Horns[]



The Lord of the Locusts is considered one of the most powerful beings in the entire series. However as powerful as it is, it can not enter the real world without some sort of host. So it needs to possess an individual who can connect to the dream world,