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Species: First Folk
Status: Alive
Book Appearance: Quest for the Spark

Quest for the Spark (Book 2) Quest for the Spark (Book 3)

Additional Information
First appearance: Quest for the Spark
Last appearance: Quest for the Spark (Book 3)

Lorimar is one of the protagonists of Quest for the Spark.

Early History[]

Lorimar is the last of the First Folk, creatures of the Dreaming who lived in perfect harmony. When the Locust possessed Mim, the balance of the Dreaming was thrown into chaos. Many First Folk were killed trying to aid the dragons in the fight aganist Mim, and the remaining struggled to put the Dreaming back into balance after Mim was petrified. However, the Nacht came and took revenge on the already diminished First Folk. Lorimar barely managed to escape the carnage by escaping to the Waking World in an attempt to warn the dragons. Arriving too late to warn the dragons about the Nacht, a weak Lorimar allowed her soul to merge with her surroundings in an attempt to recover.

Quest for the Spark[]

Quest for the Spark :Book Two

Lorimar is forced to give Nacht the Spark afterthey find all the parts ,if she wants to see the rest of the First Folk again




Lorimar has the ability to transfer her soul into anything that is living or was once-living, although she prefers plant matter.



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