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Lunaria Harvestar
Lunaria Harvestar
Family: Rose Harvestar(mother)

Thorn's Father(husband)

Thorn Harvestar(daughter)

Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Book Appearance: Bone: The Great Cow Race(flashback)

Bone: Crown of Horns(in Thorn's Dream)

Additional Information
First appearance: Bone: The Great Cow Race(flashback)
Last appearance: Bone: Crown of Horns(vision)

Lunaria Harvestar (also known as Moonwort or Moon), was the mother of Thorn, the previous queen of Atheia, and the final queen of the Old Kingdom. She is the only child of Rose Harvestar.


Lunaria was born on the battlefield. Lunaria was handed the position of Queen while her mother fought aganist the Rat Creatures during the Great War. While her mother was known for her military skills, Lunaria was more respected for spreading knowledge and being a patron of the arts. She eventually took a husband and gave birth to a daughter named Thorn, who the dragons believed would be a powerful Veni-Yan Cari. Lunaria made her aunt Briar a nursemaid to her infant daughter, not knowing that she was a servant to the Locust.


During the Nights of Lightning, Lunaria, her husband, and Briar were forced to evacuate Atheia after Briar let the Rat Creatures inside. Briar led them to Rose at Deren Gard, where she subsequently betrayed them. Rose took Thorn to the dragons at the Dragons Stair so they would be safe while Lunaria and her husband defended themselves. They were able to kill Briar for her treachery, but they were eventually overwhelmed. Lunaria was torn apart and eaten alive by Kingdok. Rose buried her remains when she returned.

The Great cow race[]

Lunaria first appeared in one of Thorn's dreams as a hooded figure along with Thorn's father, Rose and Briar. They traveled to Deren Gard to ensure Thorn's safety. There were sounds in the pass behind them, knowing they were betrayed, Rose had the others turn back while she went on with Thorn and delivered her to the great red Dragon

Ghost circles[]

Lunaria was first mentioned by Briar who reveals that when she discovered that she was going to use Thorn to perform the ritual to free The lord of the locust, Thorn's father had her cut in two with the very scythe she uses as the hooded one. After Thorn and Fone entered a ghost circle for the second time Lunaria reaches Thorn and tells her to "seek the crown of horns" a sacred object that is said to destroy the locust once and for all.


  • She is the third known Queen of Atheia.
  • In the communication with Thorn in the dream, she had much larger eyes.
  • In Dragonslayer,"Thorn becomes furious at the sight of Bartleby, remembering how her parents were killed by Kingdok."