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Family: The Great Red Dragon (son)
Species: Dragon
Status: Alive
Book Appearance: Crown of Horns
Game Appearance: Bone: Out From Boneville (mentioned only)

Additional Information
First appearance: Crown of Horns
Last appearance: Crown of Horns

Mim is the queen of the dragons and a prominent creature in The Valley's mythology. She was also the first dragon to be created.

The Early Times[]

In early times, Mim ruled both worlds. She nutured the Earth and the Dreaming by encircling the world and holding her tail in her mouth. All life flourished in perfect balance.


One day, The Lord of the Locusts, wanting to be part of the physical world, possessed Mim, causing her to go insane and the balance to crumble.

Crown of Horns[]

Mim appears in a story being told by The Great Red Dragon of how the Lord of the Locust possesses her. Thorn learns that Mim is under the Locust's spell and is coming towards Atheia, and that anything in her path will be destroyed. When Mim made it near Sinner's Rock, the Dragons burst out the ground and took Mim's body deep into the sacred Dragon burial ground, Tanen Gard.


She is a dragon of both life and death.


She is red, like her son, The Great Red Dragon, and is long enough to circle the Earth with her body, like she did in earlier times. She has what could be hair radiating from the top of her head, or maybe just something like feelers, elongated scales, etc. She has slit eyes and teeth visible with a closed mouth, giving her a more reptilian and sinister look than her son, who doesn't have features like these Both main person and (Anti)hero<--this is your decision.


  • Mim seems to have some similarities to Jörmungandr from norse mythology as both are large serpentine creatures that circle the world and bite their tails to form an ouroboros. However the similarities could be purely coincidental.