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Mr. Pip
Mr. Pip
Mr. Pip whining to Big Johnson Bone in "Tall Tales".
Species: Monkey
Status: Unknown (possibly deceased)
Book Appearance: Tall Tales
Additional Information
First appearance: Tall Tales
Last appearance: Tall Tales

Mr. Pip is the pet monkey and a major character in Tall Tales.


Mr. Pip really does not like to go on adventures and complains a lot. He prefers to be addressed as Mr. Pip.

Tall Tales[]

It was stated early in Tall Tales that Big Johnson Bone won Mr. Pip in a card game that he cheated in. Throughout the book, Mr. Pip comes along with Big Johnson Bone in their journey to help Stillman and the Animals and to defeat Queen Maud, Tyson and the rat creatures.


  • He is the only monkey to appear in the Bone series period.
  • It's never really clear what happened to him after the events of Tall Tales, though he is possibly deceased most likely due to old age.