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Percival F. Bone
Percival Bone
Family: Norman Bone (brother)

Emmy Bone (sister-in law) Fone Bone (cousin) Barclay Bone (nephew) Abbey Bone (niece) unnamed father (deceased)

Species: Bone
Status: Alive
Book Appearance: Quest for the Spark

Quest for the Spark (Book 2)

Additional Information
First appearance: Quest for the Spark

Percival F. Bone , also referred to as Uncle Percy for short, is an inventor and explorer extraordinaire, as well as one of the main protagonists of the Quest of the Spark series. He is the legal guardian of Barclay and Abbey after their parents vanished looking for The Valley. He gets lost in the Valley after a giant storm and ends up helping find the lost pieces of the Spark. He invented the Queen of the Sky & is one of the few Bones that believe that The Valley exists.


Percival Bone is a tinkerer and adventurer at heart, always prepared for an adventure with the Queen of the Sky. Though Barclay and Abbey's constant bickering gets on his nerves, he nonetheless holds both very dear to him, having assumed full responsibility for their safety ever since Norman and Emmy had gone missing during their search for the Valley.

On top of this, Percival is possessed of a keen, deductive mind, allowing him to more efficiently investigate. He is also slow to lose his cool in the face of danger, knowing he must set a good example for Barclay and Abbey in stone.