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Spark 3

The Nacht is growing stronger, and it's a race against time for Tom Elm and friends to find the final piece of darkness. in this installment, the Queen of the Sky is brought in the Pawa Mountains and our interpid band of heros are seperated. What secrets can be found deep inside the mountains' caverns? Will the Great Mountain Lion Roque Ja, be ally or enemy? And will one of their own lead them to evil?




Tom Elm: In the book he is given the task to find the final pieces of the spark. After which he must defeat the Nacht and release everyone from eternal slumber.

Lorimar: In the book she is tempted by the offer that the Nacht made to save her people and has a very hard choice to betray Tom and the group.

Randolf: The warrior is the best fighter of the group who sees many flashes of his family who tell him they will be together once his job is finished.

Percival : The pilot of the Queen of the Spark as it crashes in the Pawa Mountains he must repair it with the help of the rat creatures.

Abbey and Barclay Bone: The neice and nephew of Percival.

Stinky: Is the purple rat who owns and protects Fredrick and bonds more with Percival

Smelly: The brown rat who makes stinky leave with him for a short time to abandon the mission.

Chieftian Gnod: The Chieftain of the Pawans in the Mountains.

Possible Sequel Series Hint[]

At the end of the story in the Epilogue Percival had finished making a map of the Valley as He, Abbey, Barclay, and Randolf were exploring around the valley but then he is greeted by Ted the bug who said that they knew he would come as Percival questions who Ted reveals it was Norman and Emmy Bone, he then gets in control of the Queen as he sets out to find them.

Reasons why this could be a hint for a sequel, well for one thing in the Quest for the Spark book 1 we see that Percival was originally on a mission to find Barclay and Abbey's parents, in which they get sidetracked when they meet Tom and become apart of the Quest for the spark, so it means they could return to their old mission in perhaps another book or book series.


  • This is the second apperance Stillman has had in a Bone book.
  • This book reveals that the other Animals; Ramona, Peter, and Lily had died from age except Porter.