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Randolf Clearmeadow
Family: Illana Clearmeadow (wife, deceased)

Corey Clearmeadow (daughter, deceased)

Species: Human
Status: Alive
Book Appearance: Quest for the Spark

Quest for the Spark (Book 2) Quest for the Spark (Book 3)

Additional Information
First appearance: Quest for the Spark

Randolf Clearmeadow is a former Veni-Yan warrior and a protagonist in Bone: Legacy.

Before the Series[]

Sometime before the series, Randolf became a Veni-Yan warrior. He married a woman named Illana and built a home where he lived with her and their young daughter, Corey. During the Nights of Lightning, Randolf went off to defend the Valley, and left his family undefended. His family was taken away and killed before he had a chance to save them, causing his Dreaming Eye to go blind in devastation. Randolf retired from being a warrior and became a heavy drinker to help control his immense sorrow.

Quest for the Spark[]

Eighteen years later, Randolf is attacked by the Nacht at the bar in Trumble. Although able to fight it off, Randolf damages the bar, and the villagers assume he has simply gone mad from excessive alcohol. Randolph is arrested for being a public menace soon after.

After escaping a second attempt of infection by the Nacht in the jail, the constable and the other policemen are infected by The Nacht's minions and attempt to kill Randolf. Randolf is able to fight them off until Tom and Percival arrive to help. Lorimar creates a tree to make them escape, and they manage to escape on the Queen of the Sky's anchor. Although slipping, Lorimar becomes an oak tree to cushion their fall, and they successfully get on board.

Randolf is reluctant to have Smelly and Stinky get aboard, but agrees that the Dreamings desicion should be respected. They give the two Rat Creatures passage aboard the ship and give them names, and the group continues on to find the remaining pieces of the Spark.

Quest for the Spark (Book 2)[]

In the second volume Randolf Clearmeadow accepts tom as his leader.


Randolf can be a nice man but is strong enough and smart enough to defend himself. Great choice dreaming people


He wears Veni-yan soldier robes but does not wear his hood. In the first book he is seen with a dagger.


As he was once a Veni-Yan, Randolf has gone through at least three levels of Dreaming training, but less than five. He is a skilled swordsman and fighter.

Relationships with Other Characters[]

He may relate to Roderick when his family died. He dosen't despise rat creatures but he can't say he likes them either. He seams to take intrest to Tom because of his methods of communicating with the dreaming but still questions his leadership as a boy.


  • He is the first Veni-Yeni warriors whose name is told.