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Rat Creatures in Ghost Circles along with Bartleby

Rat Creatures (also known as Hairy Men) are monsters in the valley. They are antagonists in every volume of the series, excepting Bartleby and The Two Rat Creatures.


The Rat Creatures are ape-rat chimeras. They look like rats at birth, with long hairless tails and stubby ears, but around the age of one, due to the legend of the Jekk, they have their tails chopped off and their ears cropped.


Kingdok, one of the leaders of the Rat Creatures

Rat Creature rulers are much larger and with different body proportions. Kingdok appeared to be a combination of Rat Creature and T-Rex, and in Queen Maud was incredibly large. Her son, Tyson, was so massive his tail was as thick as his mother was tall.


Rat Creatures are carnivorous, greedy, cowardly, and vicious. They are known to attack villagers and take their livestock. Rat Creatures live in a crude monarchy, and only leaders are given names. Though it seems some are smart like Smelly and Bartleby.

Biology and Culture[]

Rat creatures have long life spans. This makes it possible that Stinky and Smelly were the first to meet Big Johnson Bone when he flew into the valley. Although the rats seem like wild animals they are strangely organized which could also mean that Rat Creatures and humans are related genetically. They do answer to a supreme ruler but most rats without names are beneath notice and often forgotten, like Stinky and Smelly, and are free to do as they please. Rat creatures are also known to shed their fur and have it grow back a different color. This usually occurs on a monthly basis.


  • In a frame from "Out from Boneville" a close-up of a Rat Creature's face shows it with a prominent snout and what seems to be a nose (they likely do have noses, just obscured by their large amount of face fur).
  • They are seen to swarm in great numbers, implying they are prolific breeders.
  • They seem to serve a similar role as the Orcs from the 'Lord of the Rings' series, being an evil monster army that is semi-civilized and fight in large armies.
  • While most Rat Creatures have arms and legs of equal length and are primarily quadrupedal, Kingdok has much smaller arms than legs and walks bipedally like a dinosaur. It is unclear why this is so.
  • A Rat Creature appeared in the non-Bone comic Savage Dragon #41.