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Older Roderick

Roderick is an orphaned raccoon. He appeared only once as a character in the original Bone series, and became a main character in the Bone: Legacy series.


Not much has been revealed about Roderick's past. His parents were eaten by The Two Rat Creatures a few days before the beginning of the fifth book. Roderick managed to escape into the Eastern Mountains where he met up with a group of other orphaned animals, which he joined.


Roderick has the knowledge of a survival expert, he has been able to differentiate between what to eat and what to not. He has also hates the Rats though he shares their hunger.

Rock Jaw: Master of the Eastern Border[]

He aids The Possum Kids and the Bones to free them from Roque Ja. He also manages to send the Rat Creatures over the cliff with Roque Ja. When the cliff collapsed Roderick was falling and Smelly saved him. When he got back to the ledge he stuffed him in his mouth. He survived and it added on to his grudge against Stinky. He also attacked the rats, like the other orphans did, when they betrayed them at the mountain. He was last seen with the Possum Kids saying goodbye.

Quest for the Spark[]

He is now considered a brother and part of Tom's family. Any mention of Rat Creatures reminds him of his horrid past.

Quest for the Spark (Book 2)[]

He builds up a tolerance to the Rat Creatures and becomes friends with Barclay and Abbey.


Tom Elm: He has been considered a brother to Roderick, possibly after an adoption.

Stinky: He hates him more than Smelly, likely for almost eating him.

Smelly: Hates him less then Stinky.

Smiley: Good friend and ally.

Bartleby: Good friend and ally.

Fone Bone: Good friend and ally.

The Three 'Possums: Good friends and allies.


  • Roderick may be completely unaware that The Two Rat Creatures are the same Rat Creatures that ate his parents.
  • Strangely enough in in Book 5 of Bone, only the orphans survived. Maybe the parents begged for their children's survival over theirs to Smelly and Stinky, and they felt sorry for them and let them live.or like actual animals the parents lead the two rats away from their children.
  • Bartleby is the only rat creature Roderick may be comfortable around.
  • It is a play on Rodrick from Diary Of A Wimpy Kid