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Species: Human
Status: Unknown
Book Appearance: Bone: The Great Cow Race

Bone: Eyes of the Storm Bone: The Dragonslayer

Additional Information
First appearance: Bone: The Great Cow Race

Rory is one of the villagers and one of the tinsmen. He is a minor character, speaking very rarely.


As seen the the Book The Dragonslayer.

Bone: The Great Cow Race[]

He along with Jonathan Oaks, Wendell and Euclid betted on the "Mystery Cow" for the Great Cow Race. When Lucius brought up that if any of them had actually seen the Mystery Cow, the four tinsmen got furious with Phoney and demanded to see the cow. They don't actually get to see the cow, but they hear the commotion Smiley makes and are frightened. He is later seen participating at the cow race.

Bone: Eyes of the Storm[]

He was seen at the Barrelhaven with the rest of the enraged villagers who still mad at Phoney and Smiley for what they did at the cow race. He is later seen cheering on for Phoney when Phoney claims he is a dragonslayer.

Bone: The Dragonslayer[]


Rory is heavy, with brown stubble and uncut hair. He wears a purple cloak and straw hat.


  • He is the only of the four tinsmen who didn't play a major role.