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Sinner's Rock
directly west of Atheia
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A large rock outcropping just west of Atheia, connected to the city via a secret tunnel. It's the scene of one of the climactic battles between the Pawan and Rat Creature armies and the Atheian forces led by Gran'ma Ben.

—Glossary, Bone - Handbook

Sinner's Rock is a cliff directly west of Atheia and the location of the final battle of the reignited Great War. It is shaped like a cliff with a pillar.


Crown of Horns[]

Towards the end of the war, Gran'ma Ben forms a team consisting of Veni Yan guards and Phoney Bone in order to ambush Briar's forces by passing through the tunnel to Sinner's Rock. However Briar knew of this plan and set up a trap for them at the end of the tunnel, capturing all but Phoney. As Gran'ma Ben's group are desperately fighting off the enemy, they're saved by reinforcements from Old Man's Cave led by Lucius. The monks from Lucius' forces shoot a volley of arrows at Briar, she skillfully deflects all of them and cuts Gran'ma Ben, who tries to attack from behind, in the chest. Seeing this, Lucius moves forward to intercept Briar from finishing Gran'ma off, immobilizing her until the two are struck by a huge bolt of lightning that shoots out from the Crown of Horns, killing both of them. With the final death of Briar and the Lord of the Locusts, the Veni Yan declare victory; however the Rat Creatures and Pawan army haven't given up and prepare another attack, only to be defeated by the Red Dragon who's carrying Fone Bone and Thorn. The battle completely stops as everyone watches as a swarm of Dragons arrive to drive Mim back underground. Right after Mim and the Dragons disappear, Phoney and Smiley Bone arrive bringing reinforcements, but the battle and the war is already over much to Phoney's disappointment. Gran'ma Ben goes up to the bodies of Briar and Lucius, softly remarking to Lucius that "The children did it.", destroying the Lord of the Locusts and bringing peace to The Valley once and for all.