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Family: Other dragons
Species: Dragon
Status: Alive
Book Appearance: Bone: Tall Tales
Additional Information
First appearance: Bone: Tall Tales
Last appearance: Quest for the Spark (Book 3)

Stillman was a young Dragon who appeared in Tall Tales and Quest for the Spark: Book 3

Tall Tales[]

He appears in Tall Tales as an underconfident young Dragon who cannot breathe fire. Every time that he tries, he feels sick to his stomach. He assists Big Johnson Bone in his journey and is eventually captured by Queen Maud. He escaped by using fire, which he had never done before. Stillman, the Guardian of the Forest, is then visited by The Great Red Dragon, who congratulates him on his accomplishment. 

Crown of Horns[]

Stillman makes a brief appearance in the book where he can be seen riding on the back of a dragon together with Thorn

Quest for the Spark: Book 3[]



Though through most of his appearance making fire causes him to become ill, he gets the ability to safely make fire during the rescue of Pete and Lily by blowing it out of one of his nostrils while covering the other. He does this to drive away a few Rat Creature soldiers. He does this while Big Johnson Bone, Porter ,and Ramona get eaten by Tyson. He is the only named dragon so far to have wings, though these are presumably useless because, strangely enough, he never flies.



  • He is the only named dragon in the series so far to have wings.
  • He is the only dragon to be portrayed as a juvenile so far.
  • He has a mysteriously similar designed face to The Great Red Dragon, clueing some sort of relationship adding to the fact that he is red like him.
  • In the last book, The Crown of Horns, Stillman can be seen riding on the back of a dragon together with Thorn.
  • He is seen on the cover of Bone: Quest for the Spark 3.