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Taneal (TH)

Family: unnamed brother
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Book Appearance: Treasure Hunters

Crown of Horns

Additional Information
First appearance: Treasure Hunters
Last appearance: Crown of Horns

Taneal is a young priestess and shrine-builder who appears during the events of Harvest.

Treasure Hunters[]

Thorn and Fone Bone meet Taneal at her shrines outside the Atheian gates. Taneal explains the myths of Mim to Fone Bone and gives a prayer stone to Thorn after questioning her about being a Northerner.

Taneal does not appear until the end of the book, where she is attacked by a Vedu after putting up a dragon shrine. Thorn saves her and tells her to run while she and Fone Bone are captured.

Crown of Horns[]



Taneal possesses wisdom beyond her years. She follows her beliefs even when the consequences are dire and is a skilled judge of character. She never insults someone and remains straight to her cause even in difficult times.