Tarsil finally revealing his face moments before his death
Family: Unknown
Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Book Appearance: Treasure Hunters

Crown of Horns

Additional Information
First appearance: Treasure Hunters
Last appearance: Crown of Horns
Lord Tarsil was the leader of the Vedu (which for a short time made him the leader of Atheia), and the main antagonist of Treasure Hunters.


Tarsil always believed that the dragons were corrupt, light-eating beasts who lived in the earth like worms. As a young man, he led a group of monks to Tanen Gard. He was warned, but continued to disturb the dragon's sacred burial ground. As a result, he was attacked, losing his right arm and had his face scarred. Since then, Tarsil's intensity of hatred increased. When Rose left Atheia to raise Thorn, he was one of the people she was in contact with, but he kept his hatred of dragons. When the ghost circles came, he blamed the dragons and outlawed dragon worship, which caused great rebellion. Tarsil took several actions to take fierce control of the city by forming the Vedu, making dragon worship a crime punishable by death, hiding the treasure of Atheia, and dissolving the inner council of Atheia.

Treasure Hunters

Tarsil was rarely seen in this book in person until the second half, but was mentioned several times.

Crown of Horns


Briar shapeshifts her face into the face of a younger Tarsil moments before his death

As Briar's army charged at Atheia, Tarsil warned his soldiers to hold their ground. As Briar walked forward, she demanded that Tarsil surrender. Tarsil refused, and then Briar took her hood out to reveal an image of Tarsil's younger face. In shock, Tarsil is too slow to act against Briar's attack with her scythe, and he is cut in half and killed, and Briar's soldiers attack the city.



When Tarsil was young, he was a handsome man with brown hair, twin dreadlocks in his beard and earings. After his crippling by the dragons, he suffered from several scars, including one across his scalp and forehead. His hair had turned white and was balding. Tarsil wore a different uniform than other Vedu, with a larger sword, lighter and sleveless red robes, and a higher hood.


Not much of Tarsil's abilities were shown, although it is known that he was a skilled leader and fighter even after the loss of his right arm. Tarsil was incredibly intimidating and was able to end a large percentage of opposition during his rule in Atheia.

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  • There was a mistake on Tarsil's missing arm, in Treasure Hunters, in a scene, he tied his hood with his left arm and his right arm was missing. At the end of Treasure Hunters, Tarsil was shown hilding his sword in his right hand,therefore having his left hand missing.
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