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I'm Ted! I'm a bug!

—Ted the Bug

Ted the Bug
Ted the Bug
Family: Big Brother

Unamed little brother

Species: Planthopper
Status: Alive
Book Appearance: Bone: Out From Boneville

Bone: The Great Cow Race

Bone: Eyes of the Storm

Bone: The Dragonslayer

Bone: Old Man's Cave

Bone: Ghost Circles

Bone: Treasure Hunters

Bone: Crown of Horns

Game Appearance: Bone: Out From Boneville

Bone: The Great Cow Race

Additional Information
First appearance: Bone: Out From Boneville
Voiced by(in the game): Andrew Chaikin

Ted the Bug is a planthopper who has appeared throughout the Bone series. He is the first creature that Fone Bone encounters in the valley. He is a friend of Fone Bone and the Great Red Dragon.

Out From Boneville[]

Ted first encounters Fone Bone immediately after his separation from his cousins and just prior to the fall of the snow. Whilst he is initially hostile to Fone Bone he soon takes him under his wing and acts as a guide.

Later on Ted meets Phoney Bone who helps him avoid incineration by the red dragon.

The Great Cow Race[]

Ted appears to Fone Bone and convinces him to write Thorn a love poem to sweep her off her feet and leaves him to his work.

Eyes of the Storm[]

Ted comes to Fone Bone and reveals he destroyed the poem he previously made in The Great Cow Race. After Gran'ma Ben reveals her and Thorn's heritage, Ted reveals to have full knowledge on this already.

The Dragonslayer[]

Ted comes to Phoney after he hears that Phoney he was gonna slay a dragon, Phoney convinces him he was fooling the villagers of Barrlehaven. Whether Ted did this on purpose, or by stupidity he has The Great Red Dragon actually go into Phoney's trap, foiling his plan to go to Boneville

Old Man's Cave[]

Ted finds Fone Bone and Smiley lost in the woods and informs the two that the Rat creatures have been attacking villages wheen they were in the eastern mountains.

Ghost Circles[]

Ted had appeared in the prologue where he sees a dying Jonathan Oaks. Jon tells Ted the dragons have gone underground for good. Jon also tells Ted of Luicus's treachery as he was seen in the arms of the Hooded one when the rat creatures attack, Ted convinces Jon Lucius was no traitor, and leaves Jon as he dies. Ted assisted the villagers at finding Lucius, who was in Conkle's Hollow after the ghost circles had spread.

Treasure Hunters[]

Ted had assisted the Veni-Yan warriors and the villagers find their way to Atheia, having the ability to see past the ghost circles.

Crown of Horns[]


As Fone Bone says, Ted appears to look like a green leaf.


Ted appears to be quite friendly, and knows a lot more than people believe he does


  • Ted has appeared in the following non-Bone comics: Savage Dragon #41.
  • According to Wendell and the headmaster of the venu Ted can see the ghost circles.