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The Haycart Farmer was a minor character who appears in Treasure Hunters and The Crown of Horns. He was a resident of rural Atheia.

The Haycart Farmer

The Farmer seen in the Book Crown of Horns.

Treasure Hunters[]

His haycart was stolen early in the book when Smiley Bone and Phoney Bone, claiming it was just laying by the side of the road, steal it so Smiley could hide Bartleby. In fact, the haycart was the property of the farmer, who demands to be let into the city to search for his cart. After he is rebuffed, he sees an opportunity to enter the city when the Vedu go to arrest Taneal for making a Dragon Shrine. They carelessly leave the gate open, allowing the farmer to slip behind them and into the city.

The Crown of Horns[]

Seeing the chaos of the battle, the farmer now demands to be let out of the city so he can escape. The guards refuse. When Phoney and Smiley ride by in his haycart with their treasure and Bartleby, the farmer causes an uproar when he attempts to seize his cart. All of the cart's contents are spilled including Bartleby, and the people attempt to capture him while the farmer is lost in the commotion. His actions were in vain, as the cart was returned to Phoney after the battle with all of the treasure, and it was the Bones' vehicle of transport through the desert and back to Boneville.


He was very small in both the circumference of his body and his height. He had a bushy white mustache that covered his mouth, and a flat, conical green hat. [[Category: ]]