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One of them is blue and the other is brown, both have almost been killed but were spared, for example, in Eyes of the Storm, they messed up by obliterating the cow race but Kingdok told them that they messed up and for once, he was happy about them messing up.

They appear to be relatively stupid (hence the nickname "stupid rat creatures")

They are not the smartest rats, they are tricked many times by Fone Bone like in Out From Boneville, where Fone Bone is being chased by the two rats and “slips” hurting his ankle. The rats are about to eat him and Fone Bone points out that their breath smells bad and they discuss what they ate earlier as Fone Bone slips away under the snow.


The brown one has a strange addiction to quiche, as he mentions it in every book the two rats are in. He is less violent than the blue one and blames him for every thing that has happened to them ever since Out From Boneville.

The blue one thinks that quiche is stupid and that they should eat the Bone cousins or Rose and Thorn either raw or in a stew. He is more violent than the brown one and tends to want to eat or attack more than the brown one as shown in Rock Jaw Master of The Eastern Border, when they are escaping from Dream Kingdok, the blue one eats Roderick the Raccoon and the brown one smacks him for it and tells him that he needs to focus since they are escaping from Dream Kingdok.


Not much is known about these two rats other than the fact that they were ordered to find and kill Phoney by Kingdok. But according to them they were just lowly foot soldiers on border patrol.