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A map of the Valley.

The Valley is a gigantic landmass across a large desert uncharted to both humans and Bones. It is the primary setting of the original Bone series as as well Quest for the Spark. Interestingly, it seems that when a non-native species tries to access the Valley, it is by accident or in a storm, probably the Dreaming to prevent unwanted visitors.



An overhead view of the Valley at night.

The Valley is home to a variety of species, most noticeably Rat Creatures and Dragons. A large amount of the species are considered normal species in the real world with the exception of the bees and eagles, whose sizes are much larger than their real-life counterparts. Rat Creatures are very prominent due to their malevolent, merciless nature, as well as their history with the denizens and visitors of the Valley.


Unlike Boneville, which uses normal dollar bills, the Northern Valley uses a bartering system instead of actual coins or bills.

In Atheia, gold coins are used as currency, although it is unknown whether this applies to Pawa.


The Valley contains plant species similar to Medival British flora.


The people of the Valley have a complex culture. The valley has a hierarchy government, but the villagers have a social life and festivities similar to modern day. The people who reside there usually live in somewhat isolated villages, Barrelhaven being a prominent one.

The people believe that there is a world where everything and everyone comes from and where one must someday return, referred to as The Spirit World, a place where spirits like The Lord of the Locusts reside. The Earth itself emits a sound called The Dreaming that animals use to survive (they call it the Hum-Hum), a sound the people of the Valley have almost all forgotten to listen to. However, holy people, called The Disciples of Venu, are trained to hear it and use it to their advantage.


The people of the Valley agree that The Valley was created by dragons long ago. One day, Mim, the Queen of the Dragons, went mad after being possessed by The Lord of the Locusts, and went on a rampage, and the landscape is a result of the dragons trying to contain her, eventually being forced to turn her to stone. After this the dragons felt they should no longer watch over the dreaming, so they looked for someone they could trust. They found Ven Harvestar, a Veni-Yan-Cari. She became queen of Atheia and all her succeeding monarchs are related to her.