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The Vedu, also referred as The Order of the Dreaming Eye, were a rogue group of Veni-Yan monks who ruled Atheia after the Old Kingdom fell. Immediately after the death of their Leader, Tarsil, they lost their special privileges and the Vedu was dissolved.


The Vedu have a similar hood and cloak as the disciples of the Venu, with the exception that they have an eye symbol on their hoods and their main colors are purple and pink instead of red and orange. The Vedu commander's colors consist of moss green and orange.


The Vedu only follow the teaching of Ven Harvestar, and in contrast, believe the dragons are impure animals. They train in the similar manner of regular Veni-Yan, excepting their dragon beliefs.

Treasure Hunters[]

After receiving word that the lost queen and dragon princess have returned to Atheia, Tarsil orders them to find and execute them for dragon worship.