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Thorn's Father
Family: Lunaria Harvestar (wife)
Rose Harvestar (mother-in-law)
Briar Harvestar (aunt-in-law)
Thorn Harvestar (daughter)
Species: Human
Status: Deceased
Book Appearance: The Great Cow Race
Crown of Horns
Additional Information
First appearance: The Great Cow Race
Last appearance: Crown of Horns
Voiced by(in the game): none

Thorn's Father was the final king of the Old Kingdom.


Not much is known about this king's past, as his name is never mentioned. He married Lunaria Harvestar, making him king of Atheia, and became the father of a girl named Thorn, who the dragons revealed was a Veni-Yan-Cari.

The Nights of Lightning[]

Atheia was destroyed after two nights of vicious attacks, but the Royal Family was able to escape by using the secret passage. After running in the shadows, they eventually made it to Deren Gard, where they met with Rose. However, they were betrayed by Briar, who intended to take Thorn for a ritual to free the Locust. Rose took Thorn to the dragon to keep her safe. Thorn's father killed Briar for her treachery, but this was not enough to prevent him from being eaten alive by Kingdok. When Rose discovered the carnage, she buried the remains of her family in sorrow.


Not much is known about Thorn's Father, but is presumed that he was a loving husband and father, as well as loyal to his people. He can also be very brutal. As briar said he cut her in half with a barn tool. But this shows how protective he is. Because he did this after he found out that she betrayed them.


  • Jeff hinted that he was thinking of "Thorak" for his name