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This timeline is used to list canonical media by an in-universe chronology. The list includes all types of media, released and unreleased, which include novels, graphic novels, comic books, short stories, video games, and other promotional material. The following page will hold all media released regarding Bone that is approved by Jeff Smith, fan content is not included. Two separate sections are listed below, firstly canonical narrative based stories that are in the Bone universe and secondly all other approved Bone content.

There are several defined criteria considered when including Bone canonical media on this timeline:

  • Media must have a direct narrative story that is told in-universe or hold canonical media in some regard. This dictates that reference books, visual guides, art books, etc that do not contain canonical narrative stories will be grouped in a separate section to avoid confusion.
  • Rereleases of the same content will not be included (For example: Bone #8 - 2nd printing, will not be included) unless it contains new canonical content. On a similar note, collections of stories will be listed if it contextually makes sense. For example: Bone Volume One: Out From Boneville is included because it is a well known collection of the first 6 issues of the Bone comic, but The Complete Bone Adventures Volume 1 is not included because it is a not well known collection of the same 6 issues that adds no new content and contextually does not add to the timeline.
  • Media that fills all above criteria are listed regardless of intended age range, but the timeline may distinguish between intended audience if contextually it makes sense to do soon.
  • All video games are considered canon regardless of platform or gameplay.

Placement of media in the timeline observes in-universe chronology. The order of chronology within the timeline adheres to the following criteria:

  • All entries are ordered based on the beginning of the "main events," which is defined as the main canonical story being told in a piece of media.
  • Official sources for timeline placements are always given precedent over "logical" placements.
  • The order in which full adaptations are listed are as follows: Comic, Graphic Novel, Novel, Video Game, Young Reader Media.
  • Short story anthologies are broken down into individual titles and placed according to story-specific dates. However, anthologies with consistently connecting narration throughout the stories are treated as one entry.

† - Exact placement currently unknown.

The following are the various media types included in the tables below:

  • Comics (C)
  • Graphic Novels (GN)
  • Novels (N)
  • Young Readers (YR)
  • Short Stories (SS)
  • Video Games (VG)
  • Promotional Material (PM)
  • Not Yet Released (NYR)

Table of Narrative Media[]

Type Title Creator(s) Released (Y-M-D)
GN Bone: Tall Tales
  • Contains Stupid Stupid Rat-tails 1-3
Jeff Smith, Tom Sniegoski 2010-08-01
C Stupid Stupid Rat-tails 1 Jeff Smith, Tom Sniegoski 1999-12-01
C Stupid Stupid Rat-tails 2 Jeff Smith, Tom Sniegoski 2000-01-01
C Stupid Stupid Rat-tails 3 Jeff Smith, Tom Sniegoski 2000-02-01
GN Bone: Rose
  • Contains Rose 1-3
Jeff Smith, Charles Vess 2009-08-01
C Rose 1 Jeff Smith, Charles Vess 2000-11-1
C Rose 2 Jeff Smith, Charles Vess 2001-04-01
C Rose 3 Jeff Smith, Charles Vess 2002-02
GN Bone One Volume Edition
  • Contains Bone 1-55, Bone Holiday Special
Jeff Smith 2004-07-28
GN Bone Volume One: Out From Boneville
  • Contains Bone 1-6
Jeff Smith 1993
VG Bone: Out From Boneville (Video Game)
  • Adaptation of Bone 1-6
Telltale Games 2005-09-15
C Bone 1
  • Begins Vernal Equinox (The Valley)
Jeff Smith 1991-07-01
YR Disney Adventures April 1994
  • Color reprint of Bone 1 - Part I
Jeff Smith 1994-04
YR Disney Adventures May 1994
  • Color reprint of Bone 1 - Part II
Jeff Smith 1994-05
YR Disney Adventures June 1994
  • Color reprint of Bone 3 - Part III
Jeff Smith 1994-06
C Bone 2 Jeff Smith 1991-09-01
C Bone 3 Jeff Smith 1991-12-01
C Bone 4 Jeff Smith 1992-03-01
C Bone 5 Jeff Smith 1992-06-01
C Bone 6 Jeff Smith 1992-11-1
GN Bone Volume Two: The Great Cow Race
  • Contains Bone 7-11, Wizard Presents: Bone 13 1/2
Jeff Smith 1994
VG Bone: The Great Cow Race (Video Game)
  • Adaptation of Bone 7-11
Telltale Games 2006-04-12
C Bone 7 Jeff Smith 1992-12-01
C Bone 8 Jeff Smith 1993-02-01
C Bone 9 Jeff Smith 1993-07-01
C Bone 10 Jeff Smith 1993-09-01
C Bone: Flip Book
  • Adaptation of Bone 10
Tom Bancroft 1994
C Bone 11 Jeff Smith 1994-01-01
GN Bone: Tall Tales
  • Powers That Be, an adaptation of Wizard Presents: Bone 13 1/2 takes place here
Jeff Smith, Tom Sniegoski 2010-08-01
C Wizard Presents: Bone 13 1/2 Jeff Smith 1995-01-01
GN Bone Volume Three: Eyes of the Storm
  • Contains Bone 12-19
Jeff Smith 1996
C Bone 12 Jeff Smith 1994-02-01
C Bone 13 Jeff Smith 1994-03-01
C Bone 14 Jeff Smith 1994-05-01
C Bone 15 Jeff Smith 1994-08-01
C Bone 16 Jeff Smith 1994-10-01
C Bone 17 Jeff Smith 1995-01-01
C Bone 18 Jeff Smith 1995-04-01
C Bone 19
  • End of Vernal Equinox (The Valley)
Jeff Smith 1995-06-01
GN Bone Volume Four: The Dragonslayer
  • Contains Bone 20-27
Jeff Smith 1997
C Bone 20
  • Begins Solstice (Phoney Strikes Back)
Jeff Smith 1995-10-01
C Bone 21 Jeff Smith 1995-12-01
C Bone 22 Jeff Smith 1996-02-01
C Bone 23 Jeff Smith 1996-05-01
C Bone 24 Jeff Smith 1996-06-01
C Bone 25 Jeff Smith 1996-08-01
C Bone 26 Jeff Smith 1996-12-01
C Bone 27 Jeff Smith 1997-04-01
GN Bone Volume Five: Rock Jaw, Master of the Eastern Border
  • Contains Bone 28-32
Jeff Smith 1998-09-01
C Bone 28 Jeff Smith 1997-08-01
C Bone 29 Jeff Smith 1997-11-01
C Bone 30 Jeff Smith 1998-01-01
C Bone 31 Jeff Smith 1998-04-01
C Bone 32 Jeff Smith 1998-06-01
GN Bone Volume Six: Old Man's Cave
  • Contains Bone 33-37
Jeff Smith 1999-07-01
C Bone 33 Jeff Smith 1998-08-01
C Bone 34 Jeff Smith 1998-11-04
C Bone 35 Jeff Smith 1999-03-01
C Bone 36 Jeff Smith 1999-05-01
C Bone 37
  • End of Solstice (Phoney Strikes Back)
Jeff Smith 1999-08-01
GN Bone Volume Seven: Ghost Circles
  • Contains Bone 38-43
Jeff Smith 2001-08-15
C Bone 38
  • Begins Harvest (Friends and Enemies)
Jeff Smith 2000-08-01
C Bone 39 Jeff Smith 2000-10-01
C Bone 40 Jeff Smith 2001-01-01
C Bone 41 Jeff Smith 2001-03-01
C Bone 42 Jeff Smith 2001-05-01
C Bone 43 Jeff Smith 2001-08-01
GN Bone Volume Eight: Treasure Hunters
  • Contains Bone 44-49
Jeff Smith 2002-11-06
C Bone 44 Jeff Smith 2001-09-01
C Bone 45 Jeff Smith 2001-11-01
C Bone 46 Jeff Smith 2002-02-01
C Bone 47 Jeff Smith 2002-05-01
C Bone 48 Jeff Smith 2002-06-01
C Bone 49 Jeff Smith 2002-10-01
GN Bone Volume Nine: Crown of Horns
  • Contains Bone 50-55, Holiday Special
Jeff Smith 2004-06
C Bone 50 Jeff Smith 2002-12-18
C Bone 51 Jeff Smith 2003-03-01
C Bone 52 Jeff Smith 2003-10-01
C Bone 53 Jeff Smith 2003-11-01
C Bone 54 Jeff Smith 2004-04-01
C Bone Holiday Special Jeff Smith 1993
C Bone 55
  • End of Harvest (Friends and Enemies)
Jeff Smith 2004-06-01
C Bone: Coda
  • The narrative section of the novel
Jeff Smith, Stephen Weiner 2016-08-09
GN Bone: Tall Tales
  • The story involving Smiley takes place here
Jeff Smith, Tom Sniegoski 2010-08-01
GN Bone: More Tall Tales Jeff Smith, Tom Sniegoski 2023-09-05
N Quest for the Spark: Book One Tom Sniegoski, Jeff Smith 2011-02-01
N Quest for the Spark: Book Two Tom Sniegoski, Jeff Smith 2012-02-01
N Quest for the Spark: Book Three Tom Sniegoski, Jeff Smith 2013-02-01
YR Bone Adventures Jeff Smith 2020-05-05
SS May The Force Be With You
  • Printed in Disney Adventures August 1994
Jeff Smith 1994-08
C Bone Happy Halloween Jeff Smith

Table of Other Media[]

Type Title Creator(s) Released (Y-M-D)
NYR Thorn Jeff Smith 2024
GN Jeff Smith: Before Bone
  • Contains 64 Ohio State Lantern Jeff Smith comic strips
Jeff Smith 2008-06-01
GN Thorn: Tales From The Lantern
  • Contains some Ohio State Lantern Jeff Smith comic strips
Jeff Smith
C Ohio State Lantern
  • From 1982 to 1986 Jeff Smith released various stories involving the Bone characters
Jeff Smith 1982
GN Bone Handbook Jeff Smith 2010-02-01
C Bone Sourcebook Jeff Smith 1995-11