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Tom Elm
Family: Lottie Elm (sister)

Unnamed Father Unnamed Mother

Species: Human
Status: Alive
Book Appearance: Quest for the Spark

Quest for the Spark (Book 2) Quest for the Spark (Book 3)

Additional Information
First appearance: Quest for the Spark
Last appearance: Quest for the Spark (Book 3)

Tom Elm is the twelve-year old protagonist of Quest for the Spark.

Before the Series[]

Tom was born into a long line of turnip farmers, a trait well known throughout the Valley for the Elm family. Sometime after Crown of Horns, Tom met Roderick and took care of him, seeing him as the brother he never had and was the only one in his family who could understand him. Tom was always resentful of being forced into a destiny of turnip farming, wishing instead to become a Veni-Yan warrior and serve Queen Thorn. While farming, Tom found a stone in a gigantic turnip and kept it as a good-luck charm, not understanding its importance.

Quest for the Spark[]

Tom is nearly infected by the Nacht in his sleep, but he manages to escape. After getting in trouble for sleeping in, Tom goes off to turnip farming, worried about what might happen to him.

Quest for the Spark (Book 2)[]


Tom Elm is a boy with a smart mind and bravery. He has leadership skills enough to lead the quest for the Spark. He has strong friendship and can control the Spark enough to defeat the Nacht.


Tom Elm wears a white tunic shirt with green overalls, along with a green hat. Although he goes barefoot, he later gains a pair of boots.


  • *Lottie*: Tom has been shown to think of his younger sister as irritating, but as he goes on the quest, he begins to miss her a lot.
  • *Rodrick*: Tom's best buddy or in any case brother
  • *Randolf*: He feels he is the one he can believe in the most.
  • *Lorimar*: thinks of her as an advice giver
  • *Stinky* and *Smelly*:thinks of them as background help
  • *Percival*: Out of all three Bones, Percival is the one Tom is the most fond of.
  • *Barclay*: Tom and Barclay are good friends and care for each other's well-being.
  • *Abbey*: Tom looks at Abbey like a little sister and is reminded of Lottie by her presence. Nevertheless, Abbey seems to have a crush on Tom, as this is implied several times in the series.


The full extent of Tom's abilities are unknown, but it has been shown he is able to communicate with animals, indicating his fledgeling skill in the Dreaming Arts. Using the power of the Spark, Tom is able to see things that are beneficial to his cause, such as people who would help him and visions given to him by the Dreaming that would guide him on his quest.


  • Tom is one of the few characters whose age is directly mentioned in the series.
  • According to Tom he and his family were in the crowd during Queen Thorn's crowning
  • This may be a reference to Thorn and Fone Bone for Abbey has a crush on Tom
  • Tom's name is shared by the author Tom Sniegoski