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Family: Queen Maud (mother)
Species: Rat Creature
Status: Presumed Deceased
Book Appearance: Tall Tales
Additional Information
First appearance: Tall Tales
Last appearance: Tall Tales

Tyson was prince of the Rat creatures and also Queen Maud's secret weapon against the valley people. He has had bad digestive problems, no manners, and a very bad parent.

Tall Tales[]



Despite his large and intimidating size, Tyson is very childish, bratty and rude, having been manners and doesn't like to listen to his mom's orders. However, he doesn't like it when others (such as Big Johnson Bone) tries to hurt her and will chase them out or even eat them.


Tyson appears to be a very large rat creature and is bipedal, standing on his two hind legs.


  • Tail: Tyson had a very large tail which he could use to whip and lash against enemies.
  • Sharp Teeth: Tyson had very sharp teeth that were sharp enough to cut through anything. He demonstrated this albeit unintentionally when he bit off of his own tail when trying to kill Big Johnson Bone and Mr. Pip.
  • Giant Size: Tyson can use his giant size to intimmidate and threaten other creatures and villagers. His footsteps can also appear to very loud and almost earthquake-like.



  • He is the largest rat creature to appear in the series.
  • He possibly might have been based off certain kaiju, such as Godzilla or Red King, given his role, design and behavior being similar to those kaiju.