The Bone Movie is an upcoming film based on Jeff Smith's Bone Saga. The film will be written by Patrick Sean Smith. P.J. Hogan will direct the film which will be produced by Lin Pictures and Animal Logic with Warner Bros. distributing. The film is set to be released in a few years


In the 1990's, Jeff Smith sold rights to the series to Nickelodeon Movies, but the deal soon failed. Nickelodeon didn't take BONE seriously, even wishing to include Britney Spears songs. In a rage, Jeff quit the deal and quietly continued his series of books. [1]

On March 2008, Cinematical announced that the film rights to Bone had been bought by Warner Bros. This was later confirmed by Jeff Smith on his website.

A year later at the Alternative Press Expo Smith was asked about the upcoming film and Smith noted that he was very happy with the progress so far and that no release date has been set and also said they'll probably end up making three films. [2]

In July 2011, the LA Times reported that a third script is currently in the works and will most likely yield three separate, computer-animated, 3-D films, Smith said. “I’m a comic book guy, I’m not a movie guy,” he explained, adding that he’s “actually excited about the movie for the first time in a long time” after having seen a four-minute “Bone” short recently put together by Warner Bros where “Fone Bone was falling in the water and going through cliffs and canyons. The dragon moved in from off camera in the shadows with smoke around him, all in 3-D. It was pretty mind-blowing,” said Smith, who estimates that the earliest a “Bone” film would be done is two years from now. [3]

In January 2012, it was been announced that Patrick Sean Smith, creator of the show Greek, is writing the film and P.J. Hogan has been hired to direct. It isn't known if Smith is going to rewrite the old script by Justin Monjo, or if he’ll start fresh. Hogan will likely polish the script after Smith and will direct the movie in Australia, the home of both Hogan and producing company Animal Logic. [4]