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Family: Mermie (creator)
Species: Dreams
Status: Varies
Book Appearance: Crown of Horns
Additional Information
First appearance: Crown of Horns
Last appearance: Crown of Horns

Visions are ghost-looking dreams conjured up by Mermie.

Crown of Horns[]

Visions appear throughout Crown of Horns book as bright, fiery blue ghost-looking dreams. Only seen to be created by Mermie, one of the dream masters state that even powerful visions like Mermie's can only be seen by small groups at a time


Looking like huge ghosts, they seem as through thery're made with blue fire. Sometimes, they look like just beams of energy.


  • Intangibility: In their brief appearance, the Visions appeared to be intangible.
  • Blue Flames: The Visions are made up of blue flames, and as such their dangerous to be around.
  • Shape Change: The Visions can change shape, either to a ghostly form or a beam-like form.


  • Their shape resembles a sassafras tree leaf.
  • Sometimes, they're seen without any "eyes" or "mouths".
  • They can be seen by the Dreaming Eye, as Mermie tells Thorn, "Cover your eyes please. All of them."
  • They have been to have two shapes, beams and ghost-form.